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 This is a group buy for the crkbd "Corne light v2" split 3x6 row keyboard. The group buy will start on 15/6-2022 and end on 15/7-2022. 

This keyboard is a fantastic entry board for those wanting to enter the split keyboard community without breaking the bank. The board features a PCB that can snap off turning it into a 3x5 board if that better suits you. As well as support for many different types of switches and an OLED display. 

MOQ for the GB is 5 sets, if the moq isn't met, all orders will be refunded. 

R1 was held as a "closed group buy" on the Swedish mechanical keyboard discord server and served as a test round to make sure everything ran smoothly for the open GB.

more information on the keyboard, as well as a build guide, can be found here

What is included? 

  • 2x pcbs (red) (two halves)
  • 2x top plates (black) (two halves)
  • 2x bottom plates (black) (two halves)
  • 2x TRRS connectors (4-pole)
  • 50x SMD diodes (depending on your choice)
  • 2x reset buttons (tact switch)
  • 4x 9mm brass standoffs (spacer)
  • 10x 5mm brass standoffs OR 8mm standoffs (depends on if you choose low cherry or choc)
  • 20x 3mm m2 screws
  • 2x 3D-printed pro micro covers


Included in the option "With OLED display"

  • 2x OLED 128X32 display
  • 2x 2.54mm OLED sockets
  • 2x 3D-printed oled covers

     Available for sale here on

     Other required parts:

  • 42x choc v1, choc v2 or cherry style switches
  • 2x microcontrollers
  • 1x TRRS (4 poles) cable
  • Keycaps


Available options and services

There are a whole lot of cases and accessories available for the cornes on the internet. If you wish to have a case that I currently don't offer for sale. Feel free to contact me and I'll happily print one for you.

If you're unable to solder your own keyboard for any reason I'll also happily help out with that.



By ordering this, you confirm that you've understood that this is a group buy. The shipping time is stated on the product page, but we can't guarantee that that date will be met. Please note that any other products ordered together with this group buy will be shipped when the group buy is shipped.

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