Stabilizer Lubing Service

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Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. offers lubing service for your keyboard stabilizers. No one likes building a board and having the entire experience be ruined by rattly stabilizers. That's why we now offer lubing service for stabilizers. Perfect for those who can't don't want or don't know how to lube their own stabilizers. 

The lubing method used is Krytox 205g0 on all plastic on plastic parts and PTFE-based lubricant on the wire. I will also clip any stabs which need to be clipped unless I'm instructed not to. 

When you've made your order, wait for my confirmation. After that, you can send your stabilizers to my address (written in the footer of the site). Please note, I might have to re-package your stabs when sending them back. So they might arrive in another package. 

NB: There are a lot of factors that play into a good stabilizer, some of them being the board and keycaps they're paired with. Therefore final tuning is recommended. Syringes with dielectric grease for tuning the stabilzers are available here

 Please read our shipping policy for information about the turnaround time

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